Land/Lot Development


Foundation and Site Work

Site Preparation

Modular Home Set

Exterior Finishing

Interior Electrical

Plumbing Connections


Interior Finishing

Exterior Final Finish


The Building Process


All Excel homes are built inside, away from the elements. This allows us to retain the most skilled craftsmen, and keeps all of our material clean and dry. This also allows us to set up our workstations for maximum quality and repeatability. Tools are of the highest caliber and are kept maintained by a specialty maintenance staff.


Excel maintains a just-in-time delivery process for the materials needed for your modular home. This is how we can offer literally thousands of product choices for options and upgrades. In addition, we maintain strict quality requirements on all incoming material. For example, wood products are delivered covered from the weather. Upon delivery, they are tested for moisture content. If moisture is higher than our strict limits, the delivery is rejected and sent back to the supplier.

Floor Framing

Floors are framed using pre-measured jigs that are built absolutely square. A double 2x10 perimeter band ensures the underlying strength and integrity of the entire house. 16” on-center joists and tongue-in-groove floor sheathing add to the structural rigidity. The sheathing is both glued and nailed, and solid bridging is added to minimize future squeaks.

Wall Framing

As with the floor system, walls are built on pre-squared jigs. On all exterior walls, the drywall is glued, screwed, and sprayed with foam-seal to assure absolute rigidity. OSB is used for exterior wall sheathing to add to the strength. Together with the floor system, this provides the backbone for entire house.

Roof System

The roof is specially designed to fold for transport to the building site. Shingles are pre-applied on the majority of the roof. Once on site, the roof is raised and nailed into place, and the rest of the shingles applied. Ceiling drywall is attached with adhesive structural foam, which prevents nail pops.


Once the basic structure of the home is complete, all the interior elements are added. Walls are painted with two coats of primer. Floor coverings are installed. Kitchens and baths are completely installed, with the plumbing ready for final site hook-up. All electrical work is complete, with wires run for final site attachment to the electrical panel box. All windows and doors are completely trimmed. Molding is available pre-stained or painted white. With very little site work, the house will be finished and ready for move in.

"Module" Delivery

Once built, the home is delivered in sections or "modules." The modules will be set on your foundation with a crane. When all the sections are pieced together, your home may be as much as 90% complete, depending on the type, design, and options you've selected.

Materials such as windows, doors, carpeting, hardwood flooring, cabinetry, countertops, dishwashers, microwaves, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, plumbing, ductwork, and electrical wiring can all be installed at the Excel manufacturing facility.

Typically, the process of "setting" your home will take only a few hours. When all the modules of your Excel home have been set in place, work to make your home weather-tight and secure will begin.

By the end of the day, you'll be able to visualize how wonderful it will be to live in your new Excel modular home.